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Laboratory measurements can fail due to a variety of factors, including basic errors in handling and technique, or problems with expired chemistry or inappropriate sampling.

Truecal from Hach reduces variations in results caused by variances in chemistry raw materials. A bar code contains the calibration curve data specific to each lot of chemistry, and automatically updates the calibration curve. With TNTplus products using the Truecal feature, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during crucial proficiency testing or permit-limit compliance testing.

Lot after Lot – Be Right


TNTplus Truecal Parameters

TNTplus with Truecal:

Truecal supports many TNTplus wastewater parameters.
More tests to come!

Parameter                            Product Number

  COD   TNT820, TNT821, TNT822
  Total N   TNT826
  Ammonia   TNT830, TNT832
  Nitrate   TNT835, TNT836
  Nitrite   TNT839, TNT840
  Phosphate   TNT843, TNT845


Software Upgrade


Order the software to upgrade your current DR3900 or DR6000 models older than March 2018. (Truecal software upgrade is free of charge when closing a new service contract or when upgrading an existing service contract).

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Special Offer


Not using a DR3900 or DR6000? Take advantage of our special Truecal offer to replace your current photometer with a new DR3900 or DR6000.

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