Elemental Analysis Solutions

We deliver the most innovative elemental analysis safety and efficiency solutions; solutions renowned for quality, precision, ease-of-use and testing speed. From the company who brought you Sindie ® sulfur XRF analyzer, XOS continues to develop novel solutions in order to exceed customer expectations.

XOS offers a variety of sulfur, chlorine, and multi-element X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers suitable for a wide range of analysis, throughput requirements, and operating environments. Imagine a smarter analysis solution free of compromise: hassle-free sample prep, easy operation, rapid testing, compliance flexibility, and industry-leading precision. These analyzers are available in portable, benchtop, and process solutions, and deliver direct measurement without the need for consumable gasses or sample conversion. Comply with global sulfur regulations like ASTM D2622, D7039, D4294, and ISO 8754.

For the marine industry, XOS offers Petra MAX™ - a portable, onboard analysis solution for regulation compliance and cold corrosion mitigation. Petra MAX delivers rapid and precise sulfur testing with a limit of detection as low as 0.0006% - well below the new regulatory limits. To ensure lab quality results and compliance with methods approved for marine fuel testing (covered under ISO 8217), Petra MAX is fully compliant with ISO 8754, ASTM D4294 and IP 336. In addition, Petra MAX delivers simultaneous testing of critical elements like calcium and iron.

High Definition XRF analyzers offer unprecedented levels of detection for lead, cadmium, and other potentially toxic heavy metals in toys, apparel, electronics and other consumer goods. Screen and quantify lead and other restricted elements at levels well below CPSIA mandates, and easily document compliance to CPSIA and to stringent RoHS, Prop 65, EN-71, and ASTM standards to include; F2853, F2617, and F963. HDXRF delivers levels of accuracy and detection that far exceed traditional XRF analysis.

For more than 20 years, XOS has been providing high-quality polycapillary and DCC X-ray optics to both academic and industrial customers worldwide for a variety of applications. XOS also offers more comprehensive solutions like fleX-Beam® and DCC X-Beam that integrate X-ray optics with X-ray sources. These advanced X-ray optics and sources greatly improve the measurement speed, precision, and sensitivity of the X-ray analytical instruments or systems, mainly due to the significantly increased X-ray flux density and spectral purity.

For environmental applications, XOS offers High Definition XRF analyzers for the detection of toxic elements in food, soil, and water. With in-the-field portability, users can sample large areas and both screen and quantify elements of interest. Rocksand™ analyzer delivers quantifiable analysis of heavy metals for environmental risk assessments of soil and water. Cadence™ analyzer can quantify cadmium and other heavy metals like arsenic, lead, copper, nickel, and chromium in soil and agricultural products such as rice and wheat.

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