Product Guide: Biotector On-line TOC

What is TOC?

TOC or Total Organic Carbon measurement is important because of the potential impact of the compounds that constitute the TOC loading of a water. This impact includes:

  • detrimental effects on the environment
  • direct or indirect effects on human health
  • quality issues or inefficiencies in manufacturing processes
  • direct or indirect impact on manufacturing uptime
TOC analysers provide a highly sensitive, non-specific measurement of all organics present in a sample.  Confidence in accurate TOC measurement allows, for example, effective regulation of organic chemical discharge to the environment from manufacturing plants, direct confirmation of absence of potentially harmful organic chemicals for water used in process applications, and insight into disinfection by-products in potable water applications.

Product Spotlight

A Hach Biotector allows operators and managers to make non questionable decisions, to respond to incidents immediately, to optimise processes, protect WWTP’s or for energy optimization, etc.
Production teams are more informed and therefore more accountable - as are their maintenance departments - WWTP teams can regulate and optimise their treatment processes, and process, EHS and WWTP teams work more cohesively together.

The Biotector B3500 product family is developed from the proven industrial B7000 platform to ensure safeguarding of sensitive processes in clean water processes, such as RO-/demi-water, drinking water, breakthrough in return condensate applications, cooling water, etc. because continuous trustworthy monitoring of these waters will allow energy and process optimization and greatly reduce operating costs, emergency maintenance, risk of a plant stop - or worse shutdowns - and provides a fast process incident alert.

Hach Biotector B7000 TOC(COD) analyzers have proven themselves over the past 2 decades in the most harsh sample streams as a Management tool because of its reliability and accuracy; which gave them full visibility to the (waste)water streams loading and thus processing insights.
Its patented Two Stage Advance Oxidation (TSAO) technology, provides maximum reliability, and the analyzer is certified with an Up-Time of 99.86%, without sacrificing accuracy.
This industry leading TOC technology combines maximum  reliability with low total cost of ownership (COO); which makes the Biotector a natural choice and provides our customer a piece of mind knowing your process is safeguarded.
Where other conventional TOC technologies fail, the industrial designed Biotector allows it to handle fats, greases and oils as well as particulate loads that normally lead to drift and high maintenance.
The Biotector analyzer oxidizes all organic material by the patented oxidation method - including hydrocarbons, oils etc. - and measures this as TOC. Because of powerful oxidation technology involved, the probability of not detecting a spill/excursion is very limited to none.

BioTector Analytical Systems Limited

Biotector wins prestigious TOC leadership award!

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