Titralab AS1000 Series Sample Changer, 12 Positions, 50 & 150 mL Beakers

Product #: AS1000.97.12150
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The AS1000 Sample Changer is the perfect Laboratory assistant by automating analyses on sample series.

The Titralab AS1000 series is an automatic sample changer used in analytical laboratories in connection with AT1000 Series titrators. The AS1000 is available in four configurations of different tray capacity that holds the sample beakers. The rotating module turns the tray to change the sample position while the lifting module moves sensors and tubes up and down into each sample. The AS1000 ensures automatic stirring of samples thanks to its integrated magnetic stirrer, and rinsing of probes between each sample analysed thanks to dedicated rinse positions. The AT1000 Series/AS1000 Series setup is entirely PC-controlled with the TM1000 software to automate sample analysis series. It archives results, covering a wide variety of aqueous sample applications such as pH/Conductivity/Alkalinity and Hardness in water, Chlorides content in food products, pH/Acidity in wine and juices, Free & Total SO2 in wine.

  • Run sample analyses in total autonomy, without user intervention
  • Complete automation to free up your time