Intellical ISENA38101 Sodium (Na⁺) Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) with Calibration Reagents Pack

Intellical ISENA38101 Sodium (Na⁺) Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) with Calibration Reagents Pack
Product #: ISENA381AP
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Provides fast, stable, and accurate response

Refillable, easy to maintain design with a unique built-in-temperature sensor. Intellical digital probes lock on the result when the measurement is stable, removing the guesswork in having a moving number.

Ultimate traceability in measurement history

Stored time and date stamp for each measurement, operator and sample ID, calibration history, parameter, and probe serial number.

User alerted when re-calibration is needed

No guesswork needed to provide the most reliable and accurate results with each measurement.

Can be moved between meters without the need to re-calibrate or re-enter measurement settings

Ideal for a multi-user environment with multiple HQD series Laboratory and Portable meters.

What's in the box?

Intellical ISENA381 combination Sodium ISE, 1 m cable (ISENA38101), Hach sodium standard solutions, 500 mL bottles of 100 mg/L, 1L bottle (no. 2318153) and 1000 mg/L (no. 1474949), Hach sodium ionic strength adjustor (ISA) Powder Pillows, pack of 100 pcs (no. 4451569), and ISE Basic User Manual.


Accuracy: ±0.02 mV or 0.05%, whichever is greater
Cable Length: 1 m
Electrode Type: Refillable Reference Element
Filling Solution: 0.02 M NH₄Cl (#2965126)
ISA Required: Sodium/Potassium ISA (#4451569)
Junction: Double Porous Pin Junction
Length: 175 mm
Measuring range: 0.023 mg/L (1x10-6 M) to 23 g/L (1 M) Na+
Method Type: Laboratory: Refillable Reference Element
Parameter: Sodium
Product Kit: Model: ISENA381
Accessories Included: Calibration Reagents Pack
Range: 0.023 mg/L (1 x 10-6 M) - 23 g/L (1 M) Na
Reference Junction: Double Porous Pin Junction
Reference system: Ag/AgCl
Resolution: Selectable up to 4 significant digits
Sample Volume: 25 mL
Sensor Body Material: Zeonor™
Sensor Cable Length (m): 1
Sensor material: Zeonor
Sensor Type : pH Glass
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3 °C
Temperature Range: 0 - 50 °C
Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C
Test Requirements: Parameter Needed: Sodium
Minimum Sample Depth (mm): 26
Thermistor : ATC
Type of Measurement: Laboratory
Weight: 0.1 kg