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New Chlorine Analyzer CL17sc

New Chlorine Analyzer CL17sc

November 6, 2019

New Chlorine Analyzer designed for the modern age of water management

The new CL17sc colorimetric chlorine analyzer is designed to help water professionals effectively manage disinfection processes and accurately collect data to meet compliance reporting regulations. The CL17sc builds upon the foundation established by Hach’s original CL17 chlorine analyzer, which was released in 2000, and sets the next standard in chlorine analysis.

The CL17sc improves on the CL17’s legacy of reliability, accuracy, and ease-of-use. New features were added to address the needs of field operators, maintenance teams, and managers, who must find ways to make water analysis better and easier. With the CL17sc, users can reduce routine maintenance and touch time with user-programmable alerts, simplified tubing maintenance, and enabled with Mobile Sensor Management software. Diagnostic features, including a colorimeter window and multi-color status light, provide at-a-glance confidence the instrument is operating as intended. Compatibility with the Hach SC controller platform provides users with more flexibility to store, transfer, and interact with their process chlorine data.

“For years, water professionals have relied on our CL17 chlorine analyzer to provide trusted chlorine analysis data,” explained Jeff Stock, Vice President, Marketing. “Today’s data-driven and connected environment requires more advanced features. The CL17sc upholds the high-quality standards of its predecessor while delivering easier maintenance, better diagnostics, and enhanced connectivity.”

As a Claros™ Enabled product, the CL17sc shares measurement data and status information with Claros, Hach’s Water Intelligence System. Claros provides new ways to monitor instrument measurements and status, providing greater confidence in water data and improving efficiencies in plant operations.

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