Addista Mixed-Parameter Standard, NIST, Wastewater, High Range

Product #: LCA720
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Mixed-Parameter quality control standard for wastewater parameters, high range. Components of the standard solution (with the exception of ammonium) are traceable to SRM from NIST.
Applicable for the cuvette tests
- LCI400 COD (ISO 15705 formulation), 0-1000 mg/L O2
- APC400 COD (ISO 15705 formulation), 0-1000 mg/L O2
- APC114 COD, 150-1000 mg/L O2
- APC303 Ammonium, 2-47 mg/L NH4-N
- APC338 Total Nitrogen, 20-100 mg/L TNb
- APC340 Nitrate, 5-35 mg/L NO3-N
- APC350 Phosphate, 2-20 mg/L PO4-P

  • Confidence in your results
  • Less complexity
  • Less error sources