Titralab AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps

Titralab AT1000 Series Potentiometric Titrator, 2 Burettes, 2 Pumps
Product #: AT1222.97
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Reliable Titration Results

Eliminates operator interpretation and manual processes with automatic titration to quickly deliver accurate and repeatable results.
Pre-programmed titration methods detect end points and eliminate manual calculations to make results easier to achieve without advanced programming.

Simple Setup and Titration

Application-specific functions to eliminate complex titration setup and analysis.
Hach’s unique application kits make it quick for anyone to set up and operate a test.


Application: 10
Automatic Reagent Addition(s): Integrated peristaltic pumps for reagent addition
Beaker Volumes Accepted: System specific beakers: Polypropylene, 50 mL & 150 mL with clips
Generic beakers supported: Up to 250 mL low form glass
Burette: 2
Burette: Volumes Available: 2.5/5/10/25 mL, ISO8655-3
Burette motor resolution: 20,000 steps with electronic µstepping technology (128 µsteps/step)
Calibration curves display: Direct & derivative titration curves, electrode calibration curve
Calibration Intervals/Alerts/Reminder: Yes, user defined period
Data storage: Date, Time, Operator IDs, Sample IDs
Display Type: 5,7"; Graphic colour; VGA
Embedded procedures: Tubing bubble purging, reagent priming, burette and pump replacement
Languages user interface: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Maintenance scheduler: Yes, user defined
Measurement method: Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric
Model: AT1222
Operating conditions: 15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F), 20 - 80 % RH, non-condensing
Operating Humidity: 20 - 80 % (non-condensing)
Operating Interface: Soft keypad (silicone)
Operating temperature range: 15 - 35 °C (59 - 95 °F)
Output: Electrode ports (x2), USB (x2), Serial (x1), Ethernet (x1)
Parameter: mV/pH, Conductivity, Temperature (°C or °F)
Pollution Degree: 2
Power requirements (Hz): 50/60 Hz
Power requirements (Voltage): 100/240 V AC
Pumps: 2
Region: US
Required Application Package/s: AP0005.AT1222 pH, Alkalinity & Hardness in Water
AP0011.AT1222 pH, Total Acidity & Chlorides in Food & Beverage
AP0013.AT1222 pH, Total Acidity, Free & Total SO₂ in Wine
Resolution: Conductivity: ±0.5 % of reading
  mV/pH: ±0.1 mV / ±0.001 pH
  Temperature: ±0.3 °C
Storage conditions: -5 - 40 °C
Titration modes: Sample, blank, sample with blank, QC sample, QC sample with blank
Titration types: Potentiometric (zero & imposed current), amperometric, colorimetric
Warranty: 1 year
Weight: 4 kg