Sension+ MM156 Portable Multi-Parameter Meter, Field Kit with Multi Sensor for pH, Conductivity, Salinity and Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Sension+ MM156 Portable Multi-Parameter Meter, Field Kit with Multi Sensor for pH, Conductivity, Salinity and Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Product #: LPV4049.97.0002
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Fast: 4 Parameters simultaneously - with one meter, one probe, one click.

A single probe provides pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature simultaneously.

Maximum simplicity: Sension+ kits come complete with everything you need to start testing.

Sension+ portable kits include meter, probe, carrying case and all required accessories.

Sension+ kits offer superior field usability

Sension+ carrying cases work as complete, portable labs.
Screw-on calibration tubes and probe storage tubes simplify use in field.

Designed for field use

IP67 - protected.

Ideal for Environmental Control and general aqueous samples.

What's in the box?

Includes: Sension+ MM156 meter, Sension+ 5049 multi sensor for pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature, Sension+ portable field carrying case, 125mL of pH4, pH7 and pH10 calibration standards, 147µS/cm, 1413µS/cm and 12.88mS/cm calibration standards, color coded screwable calibration tubes, sample and measurement containers, electrode storage solution and user documentation.


Accuracy: -
Accuracy 3: -
AC Power Adapter and USB/DC Adapter: No
Automatic Buffer Recognition: pH 2.01, 4.01, 7.00, 9.21, 10.01
Barometric Pressure Measurement: Manual introduction
Calibration curves display: Slope and assymetry potential displayed
Compliance Certifications: CE.WEEE
Conductivity Accuracy: ≤ 0.5 % (± 1 digit) of measurement range
Conductivity measurement: Temperature correction: -
Conductivity Measurement at Stable Reading: Yes
Conductivity Range: 0.01 µS/cm - 500 mS/cm
1 µS/cm - 30 mS/cm (probe range)
Conductivity resolution: Depending on the measurement range
Dimensions (H x W x D): 38 mm x 74 mm x 186 mm
Display: Backlit LCD with pictograms
Display Type: 128 x 64 pixel, simultaneous readings
DO Measurement Range: 0.00 - 19.99 mg/L and 20.0 - 22.0 mg/L (25°C)
DO Resolution: 0.01 mg/L depending on measurement range
DO sensor calibration: 1 to 2 point, saturated air, 0% DO calibration chamber delivered with kit
Electrode stand: No
Environmental Conditions: Relative Humidity: < 80 % relative humidity (non-condensing)
Environmental Conditions: Temperature: 0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F)
GLP Features: -
Height (Overall): -
Inputs: MP-8
Interface Languages: Icon based, no language needed
Internal Data Storage: -
IP Rating: IP67
Languages user interface: -
Manual Languages: Multi-lingual
Measurement method: Auto stabilisation, continuous
Measuring Range ORP: -
Model: MM156
mV Resolution: -
Operating Interface: Keypad
Output: -
Parameter: pH, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature
PC Data Transfer Software : -
pH Accuracy: ≤ 0.02 pH (± 1 digit)
pH Electrode calibration: 1 to 3 points calibration
pH Measurement Range: -2.00 - 19.99 pH
pH Resolution: 0.01 pH
Power Supply: Batteries (see Battery Requirements)
Pressure compensation: -
Probes included: Yes
Resolution: DO: 0.01 mg/L - 0.1 mg/L, 0.1% - 1% depending on range
  EC: 0.01 µS/cm - 1 mS/cm depending on range
  pH: 0.01
Salinity Measurement Range: 0.0 - 1999 mg/L
2.0 - 50.0 g/L NaCl
Salinity Resolution: 0.1 - 1 mg/L or g/L NaCl
Simultaneous measurements: pH, Conductivity (or TDS), Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature
Temperature Accuracy: 0.2 °C (± 1 digit)
Temperature Compensation: Automatic or manual
  Automatic or manual
Temperature Measurement: -20.0 - 150.0 °C
(-4.0 - 302.0 °F)
Temperature resolution: 0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
Warranty: 3 years
Water Resistance: IP67
Weight: 0.3 kg