Pocket Colorimeter II, Chlorine (Free & Total), Mid Range/High Range

Product #: 5870062
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Portable Colorimeter programmed for the determination of Free and Total Chlorine (DPD), 0.05-4.00 / 0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl2. In carrying case, complete with reagents, cuvettes and operating instructions.

The new Pocket Colorimeter II Filter Photometer is a true go-anywhere instrument. It's lightweight and battery operated, suitable for extended field work or quick, on-the-spot process monitoring. The instrument has two channels in which measurements can be made. Each channel will accept a user-defined calibration curve. Up to 10 standards can be used to determine the calibration. The curve is generated by a point-to-point straight line segment between each standard used. Linear and non-linear positive or negative slope calibrations can be performed. A calibration curve may also be manually entered from the keypad if a previously determined curve has been made on the Colorimeter. At least two data pairs (concentration and absorbance) are required.

  • Single Parameter go anywhere portable photometer
  • USEPA accepted method for drinking water analyses (free and total chlorine) and wastewater analyses (total chlorine only)
  • Factory-Programmed
  • Waterproof, Lightweight, Rugged
  • Backlit Display, Data Logging, Recall