Engineering Design Tool

Due to limited use of the EDT tool, we will be discontinuing this service on July 31, 2020. All designs will be available for download until that date. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

The Engineering Design Tool empowers Engineering Consultants to design projects faster with less risk. It is a web based tool to assist in water analytics instrument selection in the design/specification phase of a project.

Available applications: Wastewater treatment; Power Generation; Drinking Water

Result:  It allows you to download a design summary with specifications & drawings for all instruments in a single file.


  • The Engineering Design Tool offers a process overview  indicating parameters & measuring points in each process area/application.
  • There is application specific instrument guidance for each parameter.
  • Designs include only the process areas and parameters you choose.
  • It allows you to design the entire analytic system with options to label each instrument using  names/tags from your own design.
  • It supports you in designing the controller architecture for all instruments.


  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Free of charge
  • Create you own account:
  • Save, edit, copy all of your designs.